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An Amsterdam Education! …No, Not That Type of Education

Theater Blog

Maybe it’s a result of having two teachers as parents, but I am passionate about education and, particularly, education in our industry. Technology and innovation move forward so fast in our business that even as a seasoned industry professional it can sometimes be tricky to keep pace. That’s why I’m so excited to be doing something a little different with the Dalet Theater at IBC this year – here’s what we’ve got going on.

Select the right tool for the temporal conversion job

(AT)3 ACC Sample Still copy

A significant and growing problem for post production houses and broadcasters is the ability to generate efficient, fast and accurate frame rate conversion.

IBC2014 Pre-Awards: BT Sport Rocks the Red Carpet

iStock 000031000916Medium

The excitement is building for the IBC2014 Innovation Awards. The big show hasn’t even started yet, but Content Management nominee BT Sport is already turning heads on the proverbial red carpet.

MAM’s role as an enabler in broadcast operations change management

Fotolia 60350767 M

Technology should never be an end in itself. Within broadcast operations the challenge is always to adopt the most appropriate technologies in the optimum combination to affect change management throughout the entire operations in a controlled and strategic way.

At Dalet, we see how Media Asset Management (MAM) technology can enable change management across a broad range of different broadcast operations. Moving to a file-based workflow, where the production team has absolute control over all its assets from their desktop, brings numerous advantages compared with traditional working routines. There are many different areas in which MAM can drive change, but let’s highlight a few.

Dalet and Adobe make sense of content creation and sharing in a super connected mobile world

Event Panel resized 600

As we heard from Adobe’s Dennis Radeke at the June 25th Dalet/Adobe event that we recently staged in New York, change in the video industry is never evolutionary: it’s always revolutionary. Dennis pointed out that just as we’re getting comfortable with HD, all of a sudden we need to do it in ultraHD!

Bringing archives into your news workflows

describe the image

In modern newsrooms speed and accuracy are everything. The difference between breaking a news story or being an “also ran” can come down to the efficiency of your workflow in the newsroom. The ability to capture, store and find information is central – the quality of your journalists’ output relies heavily on their ability to locate and obtain relevant background information to the story that they are writing.

In this environment, the sophistication of your archive and its ability to offer up its treasures effectively can be the difference you are striving for. So, an airplane crashes and your ENG crew are first on the scene – the reporter needs relevant information fast – what is the safety record of this particular aircraft; when was the last time an aircraft crashed leaving this airport; what was the weather like at the time of the crash? This is the kind of information that turns a sketchy scene of the crash report into a well-researched and insightful news story.

But within the constantly changing landscape of the newsroom it is not so easy to maintain your archive. Do you find the task of indexing material difficult to do and time-consuming in your newsroom? And do you struggle to find content that you know exists but have not the time nor resources to locate it within the timescale of news? If you do fall into either or both of these traps you are in good company – in our experience at Dalet these are very common problems.   

DPP deadline day – what’s all the fuss about?

IBC 2013 AmberFin BT Sport

At the start of June, we heard that the IBC has short-listed BT Sport, Timeline Television and ourselves for the IBC Innovation Award under the Content Management category. This is a good reason to celebrate – in short-listing our submission IBC is recognising all the effort made making sure that BT Sport’s new production facility in London complies with the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) file-based workflow specifications.

Things I've learned in Dalet - The Unified User Experience

Dalet Galaxy multitools multiplatform

I've always told new staff that "You only get one chance to be a newbie!". This often confuses people. What I am trying to say to them is that when you join a new company, there are many things that you don't know about the way the company works, the people, the products, the design methodologies and who makes a decent cup of coffee. This uncertainty can make some people nervous, but I try to encourage people to enjoy the learning experience and, where possible, to document the good and bad things that they find. After 12 months, it's very hard to remember what it was like to "not know" the product or to "not understand" a particular user screen.

Broadcast Asia - a slice of normality in a crazy world

Broadcast Asia

I like Broadcast Asia - it's small enough to walk around in a couple of hours, yet all the main brands and an impressive number of international countries are represented. No-one is expecting "a big theme" or "a big announcement" in the way that is expected at NAB and IBC. In fact the general air of the show seems to be "practical solutions for real problems".

Why is Hollywood interested in DPP?


The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) is a thoroughly British concept. Its major sponsors include the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky. From its earliest inception, DPP was an initiative forged by the British broadcast industry, for the British broadcast industry.

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